¿Cómo podemos estimular una mente científica?

This publication includes the results of a study carried out over two school years and more than 2,500 compulsory secondary education (ESO) students participated in activities.

Portada Anuario SINC 2014

For another year, FECYT is publishing this yearbook, which includes the best news, reports and interviews in different scientific areas published at the SINC Agency in 2014.


Catalogue of the 12th edition of the scientific photography competition, Fotciencia in which the winning images of the competition are shown, in addition to a selection made by its Panel.

Unidad didactica matematicas

In the framework of the Year of Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE2013), sponsored by UNESCO and hundreds of institutions from all over the world, FE

Networking Nations II. Scientific Opportunities in the UK and Spain.

Sesiones de los científicos británicos y españoles que participaron en la jornada "Networking Nations: Oportunidades científicas en Reino Unido y España"

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