The guide compiles the main issues that a foreign researcher needs to tackle when coming to work in Spain and it targets both researchers themselves and their hosting institutions. The main topics of the guidelines are the characteristics of the Spanish R&D&I system and the researcher career in the country, the recognition of foreign qualifications for academia and professional purposes, the labor market, the tax and the social security systems, the entry and residency requirements, the health and education systems and the EURAXESS Spain network that gives support to mobile researchers. 

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An analysis prepared by ICONO on Spanish participation in the ERC Programme of the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development (FP7).

Indicadores del sistema español de ciencia, tecnología e innovación 2014

This publication shows the evolution of the most significant statistical variables over the 2000-2012 period, and also includes both the comparison in the international context.

Informe Pitec 2012

This report studies the sources of funding of activities for innovation and it analyses internal R&D+I staff and the resources intended for tra


This Executive Summary includes a brief analysis of the publication “Guidelines for the Management of the Mobility of the Foreign Researcher in Spa



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