This report includes and combines both bibliometric (production and impact) and socioeconomic indicators with the aim of providing a sufficiently c

The 6th National Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation Plan for the 2008-2011 period has a structure based on fo

This publication, along with that of Bibliometric Indicators of Spanish scientific activity 2004 and that of Business R&D+I parameters (2004),

This includes the essential elements of the International Seminar "Science, Technology and Spanish Language: Scientific terminology in Spanish", he

Publication of the definitive results of the Social Perception of Science in Spain Survey 2002 and a first analysis and interpretation by renowned

In June 1963 the OECD held a meeting of national experts in R&D statistics at Villa Falconieri in Frascati, Italy.

During the last decade, we have witnessed the start of a scientific revolution based on the capacity to measure, manipulate and organise material o

The objective of this document is to present the evaluation of R&D centres and bodies that is conducted in some countries, taking into account

The Ministry of Education and Science carried out a study on the results of participation of the different institutions of the system in the projec

The Annual Work Programme of the National Plan is the mechanism for dynamically updating its content as stipulated by the Science Law, and the Inte


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