ENCYT is the framework of widely shared general objectives and principles from which future national and regional R&D Plans must be prepared.

This publication includes the exchange of scientific, technological and business ideas that were presented at the second edition of the Spanish Thi

The objective of this guide is to make it easier for foreign researchers who go to Spain for work, scholarships, exchanges, PhDs, temporary contrac

This report provides a clear summary of the current situation of research on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in agrifood and their health and

Unlike that which occurs in other areas of knowledge, the Humanities lack quantitative criteria that are adjusted to the reality of research, or, a

Bibliometric indicators are accepted by the international scientific community as useful elements for the analysis of the state of science and tech

Detailed analysis of the situation of the art, science and technology system in Spain, as well as a comprehensive repertoire of recommendations tha

This includes the debates resulting from the Seminar held in 2003: “Spain 2015: Societal Foresight and Scientific and Technological Research” in wh

This peer review of the policies and tools for research, development and innovation is the second review of this kind carried out by the Working Gr

Esta publicación recoge, de un modo sintético, el estado de situación del sistema científico tecnológico nacional, así como su evolución.


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