Technological Innovation Panel (PITEC)

The purpose of the PITEC project (Technological Innovation Panel) is to create a representation of the situation and evolution of innovative compan

National Budget Report 2002-2008

The National Budget (PGE) is the tool used to compile the State Administration's (AGE) plans for expenditure of economic resources each year.

Spanish Directory of Science and Technology, DIRECYT 2008

The purpose of this directory is to continue providing useful tools and support tools for the functioning of the Spanish Science and Technology Sys

Bibliometric Indicators of Spanish Scientific Activity 2010. 2013 Publication

FECYT has worked with the research group SCImago since 2004 on the yearly analysis and evolution of bibliometric indicators of scientific activity

Social Perception of Science and Technology 2012

In 2012 FECYT conducted the VI Survey on the Social Perception of Science and Technology.



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