Women and Science. The Situation of Female Researchers in the Spanish Science and Technology System

Since the very beginning FECYT has worked to study female science and technology researchers.

Social Perception of Science and Technology in Spain 2004

A publication edited by FECYT which includes the results of the Second National Survey on the Social Perception of Science and Technology.

White Paper on e-SCIENCE in Spain

e-Science is the name given to all science activities that are carried out using available resources that can be found on the Internet.

Science for Today's World. Educational Approaches

In order to implement a new subject called 'Science for Today's World' (CCMC) in schools next year, FECYT and the Teacher Training Higher Education

Work Programme 2008

The Work Programme is used as a dynamic updating tool both for the content of the National Plan for R&D&I as well as for the objectives, pr



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