Scientific Research is the key factor in the development of a country and its society. Therefore, Science and Society must work together to improve our living standards and make progress happen.              

For this reason many Foundations are driving social initiatives and supporting Scientific Research in collaboration with the Public Administration and private companies.

This has led to the constitution of the Science Foundations Council in Spain, which gathers those foundations focusing their efforts in Science, Technology and Innovation. The Council also encourages team work so its members may share their experience and create new synergies.

The entire Spanish society benefits from the inspiring activity of these Foundations:

  • More Scientific accomplishments thanks to their funding of research projects.
  • More knowledge and learning due to their own research activity.
  • More careers in Science as well as an increase in the talent retention rate in Spain due to their pre-doctorate and post-doctorate grants.
  • More scientific spreading and more scientific vocations among children and youth. 
  • More innovation and entrepreneurship.


The work hta is being done by the Science Foundations Council fulfills the governmental and business stimuli for the Science and Technology areas.