FECYT launches the mentoring programme "REBECA" for early stage researches

Monday, April 22, 2019
FECYT launches the mentoring programme "REBECA" for early stage researches interested in professional alternatives beyond academia.

The mentoring programme “Researchers beyond academia-REBECA” wants to facilitate the contact between early stage researchers who are interested in exploring other professional options beyond academic research with highly skilled professionals from private businesses, administration and third sector in Spain.

REBECA wants to facilitate relationships that support the researchers in reflecting about their competencies and skills, as well as their professional opportunities both within and beyond academia. In addition, the mentoring should facilitate the intersectoral mobility of researchers and demonstrate their potential value beyond academic research.

The mentoring programme is also open to any professional working in science, engineering, social sciences or humanities wanting to support early stage researchers in their professional careers.

REBECA is an activity of the EU funded project EURAXESS TOP IV in which FECYT participates together with the EURAXESS national coordinators of Hungary, Denmark, Bulgaria and Israel, each of which will run the programme within their countries.

The objectives of REBECA:

  • Supporting early stage researchers in their professional careers.
  • Facilitating the creation of professional intersectoral and intergenerational networks.

Key elements of the programme:

  • Setting up a maximum of 40 mentoring pairs.
  • Virtual and voluntary. All participants will receive a short initial online training in English about mentoring, and the pairs are expected to meet virtually six times. The programme is voluntary in order to foster the creation of altruistic professional networks.
  • The programme will run from July to December 2019 and will include additional virtual trainings for the researchers.
  • Each pair can decide on the language in which they prefer to have their meetings, although the trainings and registration procedure will be in English due to the fact of being an EU project activity.

Profiles of the mentors:

  • We are looking for professionals working in science, engineering, math, social sciences or humanities within business organizations, public administration of the third sector wanting to help early stage researchers in their professional development. No experience in doing research is mandatory.
  • Profile of the researchers:
  • We are looking for early stage researchers currently working on their PhDs or recent PhD graduates who feel they need assistance in identifying professional options beyond the academia.

Expressions of interest to participate as mentors or mentees:

  • The collection of expressions of interest to participate as mentors of mentee will be collected until the 15th of May 2019 at 15:00 (CET). The final number of mentoring pairs will depend on the number of requests received from both sides, although a maximum of 40 pairs is envisaged.

For more information, please visit REBECA’s website.


EURAXESS is an initiative launched by the European Commission that is present in 40 countries and aims at supporting researchers in issues related to mobility and professional development.


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