Catálogo de FOTCIENCIA 2006

Catalogue of the National Scientific Photography Competition FOTCIENCIA06, which includes, in addition to the photographs that received awards in b

Unidad Didáctica Meteorología y Climatología

Teaching Unit carried out in the framework of Science Week 2004.

Vida y Obra del Doctor Salvá y Campillo

A publication on the life and work of Doctor Francisco Salvá y Campillo produced to mark the Bicentenary of the creation of the electrical telegrap

Catálogo de FOTCIENCIA 2007

This catalogue of the National Scientific Photography Competition FOTCIENCIA 07, organised by the Spanish National Research Council, CSIC and FECYT

Unidad Didáctica Nanociencia y Nanotecnología. Entre la ciencia ficción del presente y la tecnología del futuro

As the subject for a new teaching unit, FECYT has chosen nanoscience and nanotechnology, two emerging disciplines that are highly multidisciplinary



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