The Fundraising for Science Programme encourages and promotes the active participation of citizens and private entities to bring research on Science and Technology in Spain closer to society.

Precipita, the leading project of this programme, is the first public fundraising platform focused on spreading scientific and research projects. It is essentially a showcase for scientific research carried out in Spain and a communication channel between Science and citizenship.

Who can be part of Precipita?

  1. Researchers at public R+D centres willing to spread their project and to raise funds via crowdfunding: For more info, visit “Comparte tu proyecto” (Publish your project).
  2. Individual citizens interested in getting involved by donating (donations starting from 5 €) or spreading the project. For more info, visit “Descubre proyectos” (Current projects)
  3. Science engaged companies developing Social Marketing activities to support R+D and scientific spreading. For more info, visit “Nuestros colaboradores” (Our partners)


For further information, please contact us at